Pilot Waves

by Icarus The Owl

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Icarus The Owl's Blue Swan Records debut and 4th studio album.


released October 16, 2015

Album Credits:
All music written by Icarus The Owl
Lyrics written by Joey Rubenstein
Lead vocals sung by Joey Rubenstein
Additional vocals sung by Zach McLean
Electric and acoustic guitars performed by Tim Brown and Joey Rubenstein
Bass guitar performed by Zach McLean
Drums and percussion performed by Rob Bernknopf
Rhodes and piano performed by Zach McLean
Cello performed by Michael Frommlet
Glockenspiel performed by Tim Brown and Zach McLean
Additional instrumentation programmed by Zach McLean, Rob Bernknopf, and Joey Rubenstein
Gang vocals by Ben Weyerhaeuser, Jonathan Hicks, Chris Neff, Stephanie Frommlet, and Icarus The Owl
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stephan Hawkes @ Interlace Audio
Original album cover painting by Emily Conlon
Band photo by Corey Terrill
Artwork layout by Corey Terrill
All songs copyright © 2015 Icarus The Owl



all rights reserved


Icarus The Owl Portland, Oregon

Icarus The Owl is a Blue Swan Records artist from Portland,OR. They are known for their frequent time signature changes and tap-guitar lines in otherwise sing-along pop songs.


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Track Name: The Mad Machine
Melancholy life. Mouse will turn into man. Running out of time. He'll run as fast as he can. Please spare the children. Please don’t take their lives. One man on the fringe of greatness, Impeded by his own design. He's disarmed from a broken promise. He's disarmed. He's disarmed. A little black cat ran in front of your car. A little superstition always goes too far. Like a coward with no vertebrate, I find this nearest exit and attempt to flee. Is it really victimless if I’m the one with blood on my hands? Kill the mad machine. One too many murder dwellings banished to the back of my head. Face me, I beg you, please. You're almost seventeen. It's not late for me to give up on my dreams. My dreams will be waiting. Your insomnia is as fake as they come. You're not a dark poet; you don’t deserve to be loved. Put your clothes back on and get your legs off mine. I don't want to grow old and you’re a waste of my time. Love, it unfurls and creeps up on us. Kill the mad machine we fed. Kill it dead.
Track Name: I Am The DeLorean
Don't blame the victim. You won't outrun them. Up towards the rafters, the ghosts are following every move you make. They're after all your secrets and all your skeletons. You were taken far too soon and there's nothing that I will be able to do, but celebrate the mark you left on all of us. Who could have done this to you? Your lips were so cold and blue. You can't be gone, I need you here, my only one. So now we're here gathered 'round sharing stories of this old town. Don't blame the victim. What will become of you? You won't outrun them. Once you are gone there's nothing that I can do. Up towards the rafters, the ghosts are following every move you make. They're after all your secrets and all your skeletons. We had plans to move away to some place better that looked the same. The tires screeched, I heard your screams for so long, 'till they pierced your lungs. The oxygen left in me should have been yours; I don't need to breathe. I miss our secret pacts to conquer Oregon. It was ours.
Track Name: Prague, 1842
There was a hotel on the corner of Broadway and Riviera. It's the seventh time they've driven by; I didn't think they had any reason why. You've set yourself up a crime. I'm the one who got you all out in time. You're no good at evil intentions.I put a man on the moon and yet was the least of things that I could do. I swore a life of solitude but you'll follow me until I submit to you. There was a hotel on the edge of town, on the gulf of Alabama. It's the seventh time they've driven by; I didn't think they had any reason why. I'll be gone by morning. I'll slip out unseen. You're a cigarette butt doused in gasoline. I'm all set for murder; the doctor said I'm clean. What's happening to Valerie is happening to me. I don't mind what you mind what you do to me but will you keep your hands off my legacy. It's too late they've taken her away. Keep your hands off my Valerie
Track Name: Dinosword
Tiny holes in the turpentine. I am fine. Stay vacant, placated; in my mind, concubine.
You're no star of mine. Taking off from Atlanta signs. Getting blurry; there's no hurry this time. You're no star of mine. You're barely a light. There's never been enough for me and when the go gets rough, make sure your skin is tough. Not a one comes easy. Yet, we idolize the mechanism that makes us blind to their lies. Sinking deeply, holding out for the rescue team, but they’re not saving me. Don't let it fill to the brim. Don't let another one in. Why can't I touch your skin? Why is your body thin? I have forgotten your name. My head is a caught in a maze, but I know I'll be there until our bodies sag.
Track Name: Peak And Valley Lines
Too many years have passed and I know that it is done. Too many things I wish I could take back from our love. Don't you buy in, it doesn't mean a thing; it won't mean a thing. They all want in to hear the words you sing once you're done with me. Caution to the wind. If you feel like dying, won't you watch the world become anything you want? If you don't remember, maybe it's all in my head, romanticized, and never really there. (Don’t lie to me). Now we've traveled all this way go no where, to see no one, but ourselves. it's a nomadic tale and it's caustic. It's heartbreak, but it's ours. Peak and valley lines across the LED display she's tethered on. The unsteady pulse and siren hum are clashing and breaking entire families a part. The dial tone. I called her father up and said your daughter won't be coming home.
Track Name: Werewolf Tea Party (Who Invited Valerie Boone?)
A house made of glass is only for decoration. The builders would build and then it tumbles down. Oh, Valerie's so kind. Valerie's so kind if you want her. Her brother's passed out on the deck with a bomb strapped to his chest. The ambulance is standing by; Tears begin to fill his eyes. I feel winds are changing. You will not remain. Set fire to the places where our ghost resides. The springs in the chair were never meant to hold the weight of a child's neglect. The seat has rotted out. She can die or live with his hands around her neck. There's a wretched mildew that sits atop. All good flights will leave. Too proud to believe. Now we only watch the shimmer light up the faces of every disappointed child tucked into bed by their mother waiting for their missing father. He's never coming back.
Track Name: Skysweeper
Hypocrisy: it's all that I do; I cannot seem to part with it. You've sworn them in. They know every clue. Where there's a will, a mountain stands in its way. I'm not allowed to fly, she stopped the engine. She's not allowed to die until we're finished. You said yourself you won't give up; if you won't mind, i'd like to try. You were not buried from this-- you were not. I cannot seem to leave you in pieces. We cease to be the morning after. Listen in, they're pleading to change your mind one more time. Open up your eyes, see me fall in love, and watch me feed her to the wolves. She's taken up my time-- It's more precious than her warmth; It moves quicker than you want. There she goes, she's strung up by her toes. You walked out on me. Listen close, hear them break all of her bones. How could this be? (The look on their faces. The worst of all places. My heart won't stop racing. I can do better now. No more temptation. However we phrase this, we can't be sated. Bitter and falling out.) This is falling apart. You're my unlucky star. I thought I was a millionaire but we did not strike gold. We ended up alone like we were when we were young and everything we touched turned golden. I turn the key but nothing happens. If we pretend, what’s the difference? You’re leaving now but won’t leave me. I caught myself just in time. Move the chair from under me. When you hear my snapping neck, we'll be free from us both. Make sure that the door is sealed. There’s children underneath; their lungs are full of smoke.
Track Name: Pearls And Blue
Cold gaze as I push your hand away. All things die as the fallen children near. You claimed you've changed but an archer never leaves his arrows nesting far out of reach.The look that you make when she's burning at the fire. Complete with echos of heartless little liars.I'll pretend that you're gone. They will seek their revenge:childless gentlemen. Some will say, some will claim they knew better. Dark spaces in my mind coveting what's near. The price I pay doesn't mean a god damn thing to me. Malleable, virgin soul, colored from pale to blue. Waking to the sounds of birds, the only one's who knew. Am I alone? Will I pay for what I've done, what I've become? Man on a noose exposing his love to you. Stitch unsewn-- It's pouring out onto the floor. Cataclysmic consequences are dressed in pearls and blue. Am I alone? A month away, a decade late, you know it's harder than it looks. Take away, obliterate, the common thread that you've pulled. Follow, my love, and you'll be romanticized in your tomb. Your time of death could never be too soon.
Track Name: Mantis
From the scorned, desolate, lonely planet that you live. Patterns of lust converge, folding over and under. Incoherent stammers. Kicking dirt into my mouth. Sop up the blood with the bread. The lamb is dead. There's no corner of this world that I won't crawl to see your bloodied bones bear the truth to us all. The world we knew shining through. A child left to die. His mother left to weep. Barred defense, let me in. Face the pew and be on your knees for repentance. Begging for release. Begging to be cured Unzip their skin and use them for their organs. You'd start anew but parts of you keep poking through, rearing something unsavory; nothing bleach won't undo. Prepare his dismantle. The king has been lying. Now watch him burn while smiling. Feed his bones to his disciples.
Track Name: Pilot Waves
You left via train tracks on a Monday soaked with rain. You didn't stop until the mountains were small rocks out of frame. What am I supposed to do? You got your noose around my neck, you never want me coming back. I should have ran after you that rainy night, before your car went off the side. Meaningless motion on a shallow empty frame. They pass the time but I still picture your name. Tell me how to bring you back. I'll tell you that I was wrong. Your face is still beautiful with all your skin gone. Tell me this is all but delusion. The witching hour begins now. The dimples in your cheeks are drenched in gasoline. It's but a small victory for the ballad of you and me. As you're taken away, as your soul leaves this place, even with your body maimed, i'll love you the same. I'll try to be or feign a better man and put the sky up in your cloudy head.Take a step where the light has to go. How could we fail to find a steady hand? My sun won’t rise or fall without you here. Our beach is rubble; our lighthouse is gone.