Icarus The Owl

by Icarus The Owl

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ganondox thumbnail
ganondox Decent post-hardcore album. The lyrics are pretty generic, and the combination the chaotic complexity with fairly consistent trebly texture makes a lot of it blend together, but a few songs really stand out, like "Lily Trotter". Favorite track: Dethroned.
Jack Major Fret Fretwell
Jack Major Fret Fretwell thumbnail
Jack Major Fret Fretwell Icarus the Owl brings the goods again with their unique blend of genres. There is nothing quite like them. Two thumbs up! Favorite track: Chronos, The Destroyer.
Frank Camacho
Frank Camacho thumbnail
Frank Camacho I love this album! I don't exactly remember how I came across this band (I believe one of them messaged me a link to their Facebook page a long while ago), but I am absolutely in love with their music! Favorite track: Black Fish.
Cam W
Cam W thumbnail
Cam W Incredible. Every aspect of this album comes together for a beautiful ending. Haven't binged on a CD like this in a while. Favorite track: The Pharmacist.
Tristan Mahler
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Tristan Mahler Pure and refined, this is Icarus the Owl at their peak. Fun, weird time signatures and off kilter instrumental tracks complemented by a soaring voice. Favorite track: Chronos, The Destroyer.
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Icarus The Owl's 3rd full length album produced by Kris Crummett


released February 7, 2014

Vocals/Guitar: Joey Rubenstein
Lead Guitar: AJ Stacher
Drums: Rob Bernknopf
Bass: Zach Mclean

All music written and performed by: Icarus The Owl
Lyrics written by: Joey Rubenstein
Additional instrumentation arranged by: Joey Rubenstein and Zach Mclean
Mixed, Mastered, and Recorded by: Kris Crummett @ Interlace Audio
Assistant Engineer: Mike Sacco
Artwork by: Sam Kaufman @ East Fork Studios
All Songs Copyright © 2014 Icarus The Owl



all rights reserved


Icarus The Owl Portland, Oregon

Icarus The Owl is a Blue Swan Records artist from Portland,OR. They are known for their frequent time signature changes and tap-guitar lines in otherwise sing-along pop songs.


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Track Name: Ignore Check Engine Lights
“The forest has kidnapped my child.” That's what they said but I am thinking a hero was born. I cannot be in this place- in the oil when I am water; I am sinking. It's way too soon and now you have left us. What is winter without the ice and snow? This is how I've grown. I've shown the world all the places I would want to go. This is how I've known all the little things lead to a bigger part of me. I can't smile without your face near mine. You've always been the light in darker times. All I need is you. Could you promise me that much? Winter/Summer I can't choose. Put me where you'll end up. “The forest has kidnapped my child.” “He was just right by our side.” I cannot be in this place. I would run and hide from this language I don't need unless you are here with me. When I look inside, I know life's a mystery but it's where I want to be (You have gone away). You're the raven inside Mister Poe's crazy mind. I'll drive until I die; ignore check engine lights.
Track Name: Black Fish
If you only knew what I thought of you. Slurring and stumbling you total buffoon. When left to your device, you'd never make it out alive. Broken promises and trashed hotel rooms. Always up 'till dawn clenching fists with a bottle of booze. I want to rip the voice out of your throat and send it echoing on down a cliff, ‘cause the words you say are useless. I want you out on your own. You'll never change your ways. Some cats were meant to be strays. Oedipus, mother's man, remove your eyes; never see me again. Small talk with those supposed to be close. True colors are something that I'll never show. You don't deserve a window to my soul. You don't deserve my picture in your home. Remember the time you struck her? I held you down on the tile floor. Flying from all directions; things that you have thrown at him for her. I wonder if you'll see me when you're released from the cell you're in. Find a place where love begins; back when we were only kids. Can you function a single night when the bottle has all gone dry?
Track Name: Dethroned
I see the way you carry on in all directions at the same time. You never miss me until i'm gone. When you moved you left me by the wayside. The thing is that I don't care what dumb boy you are sleeping with. Oh, Bullion, you've got a plan. You're made of gold but you've been told you're not a man. You came from dirt but you are worth a thousand souls. Been swept away by an evil place; not a promise land. I've traveled through mountains and mountains. I'm not going anywhere. Let the story be told: a king was dethroned ‘cause an evil woman stole his soul. There's constant replacements for our saddest indulgence. As a chapter ends a new will begin. I know I sound callous, that's just what life is: A cold body searching for some warmth. I've fallen in rose thorns and brambles. With my stained skin, I'll come forth to reclaim my throne and all of my souls. Kneel at my feet and you'll be forgiven.
Track Name: In Aeternum
Sneak on out your window; let's make love like we're not supposed to. 11 minutes 'till your parents get up for work. Get your clothes on and run along. There are moments we'd wish would never pass, like two bodies laying in freshly cut grass. I wish a locomotive could bring me back. No good could come from sneaking around. Even tip toes can carry a sound. I can't stand the sight of this town without you around. Who knew this was fleeting? I wish i'd held you close; much closer for much longer. Now that we're both older, let's make love like we're not supposed to with no curfews. Remember the path; the bond we had? You threw it over the neighbors fence ‘cause you were sleeping with him. Remember our pact? You wrote it in The Statue Of Millennium when you were sleeping with him. You loved me like you loved him too. You burned me like you always knew. What does this mean? Why can't I think? Where are you now? Why not next to me? These are just words drifting off into the stratosphere. They'll get sucked into a black hole with whatever is near. You never loved me; nothing's been so perfectly clear. It'd be much easier to find out that you had been dead, instead of talking with someone inside my head. They'd send me away for the messages I hope you’d read.
Track Name: This Too Will Pass
Love don't mean a thing, dear. Love don't mean a thing. A man can hide in plain sight looking for a home for his skeletons. Love, you know we all have them. A man can fool his own mind into self control. For the time is fleeting, let's act invincible.
Track Name: The Monster Within
There's a monster crawling underneath my skin; it lives in the back of your mind. What are values when it's only you and me fighting for the rest of our lives? Don't be afraid of all the fiction in what I do. When no one answers, you're moving on and moving out. The games we play are set up only so you lose. When all the cancer ate up his body, it broke me down. There's a place where we all go when the light is taken away from the white of our eyes. It's not heaven, it's the flatlands; there's a field there where we spend most of our lives. Do you ever really learn? All your problems are self induced with easy solutions. All true men are monsters. A man can't help himself. We can hide all we want. We are shackled by diplomacy and moral police. Soon enough the skin will break and let all our demons out. They will take our inhibitions hostage and if the demands are not met, we become who we are. We will fall apart.
Track Name: Touchstone
This impossible fleeting feeling they are struggling to unearth: part of its skull has emerged and the archaeologists are cleaning off the dirt. When I'd drive away I'd call your house and hear your voice before I reached the mountain. Young love is something that we get too old to understand. We are too old to understand. It's larvae, it's chapter one; it's the prequel to everything I wish I hadn't done. I lay here seemingly unimagined by the muses of my nostalgia. I am nowhere Kansas to their New England or just England. I am but a speck on a map, a road to pass through; a necessary stop at a highway toll booth. Holding hands in your mothers car, pretending we were the first on mars but the last to count on anyone. Just outside your house, 100 meters down that trail into the park: where you will find the last good thing left in my heart. If i had just held you a little longer or played the perfect song for you. I miss those vacant parking lots. Wasting gas just to get lost. We were two figures atop a mountain; a spectacle to the surrounding houses. Beyond the tree roots and the topsoil; into the cold gritty ground it lays. All we were to your nosey neighbors were two bodies of younger strangers. This was my youth.
Track Name: Lily Trotter
I'm always crawling back to you. Look at all that we've been through. Come alone to the rendezvous. Don't worry about what we'll do 'till the morning. I've tried to love and love again. Too many walls have met my fist. Grab your clothes, I'll walk you out, but we can't leave the ground 'till the morning. Stay Awake. I wanna hear the truth behind your lies, so we know to be afraid. We can bear the news of your crimes. They will know soon. There is nothing wrong here. Shadow puppets on the wall, while our confidants are sound sleeping down the hall. We are all moonlighters with something more to hide. Different skin in the sun. At night the truth will haunt us. Like spiders make their webs, we're in and out of bed. Much like the Jacanas, we hurt the ones we love. Poised to fall. Shattered skull. It's up to us to burn the dead. Insatiable. Expose the soul, like a murder at it's best.
Track Name: Flint and Steel
Was there a time where a better man advanced and the stones sank like they should? This is more than the clothes that your camoed in; this is where I lay down my roots. You are a mockery and everything that bothers me. Go to Los Angeles, they'll love your ruse. Don't mean to sound so high and mighty but I am jealous and you lack pursuit. Remember, this is the last chance we have. Caution is not the tale we will tell. Wake up from this awful fairy tale. You damn thief, give back all my dreams to me. I get so scared, ‘cause love is an evil thing we all need. You'll go insane out in the rain holding a baseball bat. No one ever got it right looking on the bright side. This is who we are. The only way to make it through is breathing in and letting go from the cliff you hang. I see you sweating, but I still hope you fail. I see you searching, but I won't help you look. You will lead and not follow. Don't believe time. Don’t believe in time.
Track Name: Crimson Covered Walls
I'll bomb the boulevard that runs right through your heart. I'll leave it all behind, but you can't change mankind. Do you really think you can love a monster? I am nurtured by nostalgic movie scenes of lovers wiping their memories clean. Do you really think that we have each other? They are just children, so let them go. It's not a world we should have exposed. They don't know the person inside of me. My only friends are those I've deceived. You became a murderer either way. No one else will take your place. Don't tell me a thing about love or honesty. I've only answered you with lies. Find yourself a new alias. There's blood underneath your fingernails. The knife that's in your back, dear. Were you protecting your life, or taking anothers? They loved themselves to death, you know? Who am I to cast a stone at brittle bones? Find yourself a new alias. You have been compromised. I'll hide my face. I'll force myself to live a lie if I must. I do not fit the mold they want.
Track Name: Input.Time.Destruct.
It's perfect and violent. Rearrange and conjure fear. Selfish and manic. They've taken arms and led us here. Get out of the way. Prepare this place for oblivion. Erase all we've stood for, all that we are; will ever be. You were always safe 'till now. Couldn't catch your fall straight down. Scatter the failed parts of your life. Could have had two kids and a wife. Your life will only be a lie once you kill the monster inside. We are what haunts us at night. Afraid to leave the candle burning all day, scared it might empty our brains; that was never my concern. On holidays, you'll come crawling back. Our little boy is turning blue. He never got enough oxygen. Warn the doctor, we're coming soon. You went off alone. you went off alone again. You're not on your own; they may look like mannequins. There's no running from the sun. There's no safety here, just blistered skin from ear to ear. I saw the sun was rising, just leave it in. Another day is coming, let's just pretend we are eight again and the world is ours; these dreams are ours. Instead we can't imagine a single one. Why do we stretch how we're feeling? No one cared enough to take pity. The moon is taking watch of the sky while the sun sleeps through the night.
Track Name: Chronos, The Destroyer
The sky looks so vast from down here. I pity those who aren't us right now. We can be Alaskan royalty. The stars were always meant to fall on top of me. Charming total stranger in a place with lonely crowds of people. You had caught my stare and out of everywhere we ended up right here. We ended up right here. Where we're supposed to be: on the in-between. You never know who's listening. And with one misstep, you fell onto my bed. I never saw so much skin glistening. We're both narcissists and we're bored of sex. How the hell did we let this happen? Now the cage is up; we've let out the dogs. I never knew I was so possessive. If only we could hold onto our secrets, never find an answer; only find more questions. Answers. Once you have seen, once you have won it, once the credits roll, there is no purpose. I bet you won’t. All love fades because of time. I'll stop clocks for you and I. Let's go back to simpler days: to waxed curbs and tooth decay. Find a way to bring us back. You make up for what I lack. All love fades because of time.
Track Name: The Pharmacist
Be prepared; you will die. You were murdered in cold blood. Before we watched the turtle die, we all had an idea of how our lives were going to be. We are just weathermen predicting storms and reading from our cue lines on the back of our hands. Waiting and wondering if it's an umbrella kind of day. I sure hope it is the kind of day you want to wake up and forgot all of your pain and the person who took it away. Even when the words escape your brain, you can picture it. I can see it all over your face. You were just a kid. Tell me where you hide all of your pain. Inside your mothers arms? They won't believe a word you say. They let him go with no charge. There were two brothers that had the world in front of their eyes. Visitation rights and politics. Airport terminals on our Friday nights. If I am assembling a puzzle, all that matters are the pieces in front of me. I don't care how it got there. Let's start with the corners and work our way in. We find ourselves forcing pieces and getting in our own way with wondering how it all began. Father, you will burn. Your reign will overturn. Your pills will go unfilled. Your bastard son. You said I was too hyper to come see you when your time was up. Eating through a bag on the side of your body, while the cancer takes your life and slowly eats at your insides. Skinny, like the time you had for me. You never wanted a family. There were was no note left; no presents under our tree. You are just like me. You let the fog in.