Love Always, Leviathan

by Icarus The Owl

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released June 21, 2012

All music written by: Icarus The Owl
Lyrics written by: Joey Rubenstein
Vocals performed by: Joey Rubenstein
Guitars performed by: Joey Rubenstein
Bass performed by: Joey Rubenstein and Stephan Hawkes
Drums performed by: Rob Bernknopf
Additional guitars on track 11 performed by: AJ Stacher
Additional instrumentation arranged by: Joey Rubenstein
Mixed, mastered, and recorded by: Stephan Hawkes @ Interlace Audio
Female vocals on track 4 recorded by: Hailey Slepika
Artwork by: Sam Kaufman @ East Fork Studios
Band picture taken by: Stephanie Frommlet
All Songs Copyright © 2012 Icarus The Owl



all rights reserved


Icarus The Owl Portland, Oregon

Icarus The Owl is a Blue Swan Records artist from Portland,OR. They are known for their frequent time signature changes and tap-guitar lines in otherwise sing-along pop songs.

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Track Name: The Hum Of A Ceiling Light
For years I have sworn I was done gloating
about the souls I haven't crushed. Sinking.
Feeling too much like a wolf; howling
at the night sky. I am torn- floating on.

Is this what you call love?
A giant diamond ring.
I have seen enough
to know that faith is flawed.

I thought I was seeing red.
Can't count them on my hands
Anything, i'd do anything to change.
I’m out of breath to catch
It all happened so fast
There's nothing here and there's nothing left to break.

It's impossible to look upon your face again
and not think of what you did to your friends.

Locked in a cellar down below the house.
The sound of music was the squeaking of a mouse.

The hum of a ceiling light will bid me good night.
Track Name: Nuclear Towns
Are you with me to come undone?
The first one of us is dust.
Can you fly down from above
and be the second one?

All we are is tumbling in the wind towards
a better fit. Can't get ahold of ourselves.
I thought for the very first time that
our childhoods could be re-lived.

What's a place without a designer? Is it emptiness?
What defines truth without a liar? Is it irony? Is there nothing there at all?

There's nothing here and there's nothing above me, but this rooftop.
There's no sea to part, and no wine was ever water.
Come with me and i'll try to show you
consequences. She was not alone.
A child without a father.

The sea is a whirlpool
You're plummeting down
You are a man of the sea. Prisoner of Davey Jones

Dinosaurs walk among us in small nuclear towns
Track Name: What We Had Was Never Love
You and I are moving on.
So don't act sad; just move along now.
Are you squirming all around just
wishing I had not left your bed?

This was a mess that you made
you thought you could make waves in my way.
Now that you've got no one
are your dreams slightly less real?
And everyone will laugh at your shortcomings
Like everyone at your workplace did to me.

You had thought I got in your way. I got in your way
The truth is that you've been replaced. You've been replaced.

Stop nervously laughing every time
someone comes near- you can bare to
live with yourself , and feel life in your
skin- pale and begging to break someone's heart.

What we had was never love.
I was mad.
I can tell you how it feels when no one has got your back.
Are you thinking of me now with your sheets all in a mess?
Your legs are moving all around wishing I hadn't left.

You were with him loving and sleeping.
I was moving from city to city.
A liar will burn up someway or another.
I've learned a lesson: only pay with buttons.
Track Name: Tear Down The Mountain
Oh this is strange.
How did we end up here?
Oh this is weird.
We're always going somewhere
Oh my head crawls-
without the time, we cut it off.
“You don't belong here.”
Take me further from this place.

Everytime I close my eyes I see the words you wrote. I know I don't belong here.
For several years i've tried to tell you why.
You know I don’t belong.

Oh no.
You've done it again
You've fallen again
We can't pretend
You've done it again

Tear down the mountain.
Track Name: Peppertree
Collect me in a jar and shake me up.
i'll be your talisman to be your any man at all.
When you're cold, you can let me out to hold.
When you need a friend, my shoulder is yours.

I wish that the blink of an eye would bring you here.
I'd be twitching myself to sleep.
I'll make the biggest rubber band to sling shot myself
over snowy passes and highway traffic

We are states away but those are just dotted lines on a map
Miles are the enemy when I need you closer to me.
I propose that trains go faster.

Let's spend the day just wasting away.
I know we would never leave this bed.
I wish when i had skipped a rock
it would turn into a island for us to live on

And we could paddle out in a canoe
made for two- Just me and you.
We could live off water and coconuts.
I'll protect you from all the pirates too.
and when you're tired of the sand
I'll tell the tiny rocks to leave our land.
If you want christmas i'll make it snow
if it's too dark i'll make everything glow.

You're everything that I need
Before you can resist me,
just appear so I can melt
like a glacier in the sun
My eyes are yours and yours alone.
When I'm with you I feel at home.
Just appear so I can float
like a boy who fell in love.
Track Name: Conversations With Dirt
've been seeing grey ever since you went away
Don't believe the shit that they tell you.
You can have my heart- I don't care if they rip it apart
Just as long as you are right here with me.

All this means is you're done with me
Every night you were right there by my side

You're gone. I'll visit you when you are away
I've lost the only one that meant anything to me.

Six feet in the ground is where you spend your days
I would dig you up just to hold you.
I've been telling lies just to make it by.
I could never tell you the truth.

I blame, myself for letting you get into your car.
The brakes, the pavement was wet and you were so scared.

It's going to be a bad day.
The sun won't show off it’s ugly face today.
Let me try, let me send messages through the dirt to your casket.
When you sleep, when you dream are you thinking of me, do you wish i was dead?
Track Name: Tag! No Bases
Your body is sinking again
Someone call the paramedics
Looks like I've been dreaming of you
Someone put an end to this nightmare.

You'll want an end to this
Just tell me when to stop

I've made my bed this time
and I’m coming unglued.
Never ever thought I’d see you
call it off so soon.

I’ve wanted this for so long
But now that i’ve got you
I’m crawling on my knees from you
hoping I’m caught soon.

Stand. shake, we've got wars to make
Pretend we won't do it again.
Concern: I've got none of it.
Dream on, killer in me.

Born and bred to see you again
Feeling tired of no good desire.
Track Name: Rinse And Start Over
It's everything to me
It's too bright to see
I don't want to brag
but I've opened up.

When we start to melt
a ray of the sun
beaming on your back
will tear you apart.

Wasted- our lives
Crumbling- in the sun.
Fall is coming to shed your skin
And rain upon us and wash away everything.

She's begging, “take me on the run”
Disappearing into the sun
The clouds are churning and looking grim
to rain upon us and wash away everything.

I think you've done all you can for now
But every time you open your eyes it's gone.

Listen to your echoes in the dark
They are bouncing back at you-you're lost

This bitterness is thriving through the climate change and words imbued
Are we uninspired or growing old?
The light is gone and darkness grips a hold of your life and threatens it.
Can you overcome this and see again?

All it takes is being complacent
it gets worse in September. Much worse in September.
When all I see are lights and i'm shaking
It's much worse than expected. much worse then remembered.
Track Name: Frog In A Well
t's impossible to learn right from wrong
and where we all come from.
What if i depend on the conduct of a man?

Oh my god.

Betrayal comes expectedly
Failure comes because you wrote it down.

Oh, it's all I ever wanted to be for me.
Sad, that you will never understand or be
here, in this selfish solace i've made. And I love
the way i can talk in circles to you. Goodbye.

I don't know if they're bad intentions
or a warped sense of pride.
Take a step backwards to see progress-
to see the ship move.

Move forward please.
Don't ask why I can’t breath
True progress reeks of failures.
I'm all in now forever.
Track Name: Swimming With Weights
Every two years the tide washes you away.
You're my Jane Doe with no trace DNA.
A body that's meant for the sea was never meant for me.
Like a Lizard sheds its skin, someone else appears on my shore again.
Am I lost myself ?

All you can think about is the ground and never leaving this place.

Every single day I put on a new face.
My brain stays the same. I'll never change.
while the world is asleep I change shapes
I'm talking to the moon, and steadying my own pace.

You wanted me to pull a rabbit out of my
hat - to make things happen by the next sunset
I've warned you that there is no coming back.
We are a rocketship headed towards outer space

You have to keep pushing 'till the moment avails.
No one is going to help you.
You have to keep looking 'till your eyes are gone.
No one's going to stop you.
Track Name: Chemicals And Flesh
I understand that a baby left alone might not survive but you know better.
You're just cowardice, dishonest, abominable- we let our baby die.
you pleaded and begged me to let the Earth be flat to disregard Galileo.
Just look up at the sky and pretend the stars are cold and that one would ever know if you took one down tonight.

Did you think we'd make it this far? Did you think you wouldn't get caught?
I'm in a event horizon-not even light can escape it's grip.
Now astronauts can't orbit endlessly. at least i've got our memories to laugh at.

Now that you've tied me in knots,
thinking I'm someone i'm not
The truth is a much scarier thought.
When I'm with you all of my hope lost.

It's exactly what I thought it would be until you changed me.
I thought for a moment we were more than chemicals and flesh.
You told me to believe in fairy tales- that objects fall to the earth
at different speeds, because our hearts beat faster than them all.

you told me that the wind in our faces was just god cooling us down- giving us some air.
I can't picture your face or i'd turn to stone. Medusa, you mythical, mind tricking gorgon.

You got away with murder by moving me
what you get isn't always what you seek.

Agreeing to be naive is the same as falling in love.
We all cheat and we all take things that are not ours.
Taken from me was my dignity and a chance at breaking your heart.
Lastly, you are lucky enough to have entered my world.
Track Name: Love Always, Leviathan
'm watching the wind take everyone off of their feet
and place them upon cars in the middle of the street
Lights flicker on and off but they never seem to go out.
They'll burn the brightest when no one is around.
Throw your flares into the dark sea
We'll swim and search until we find thee
Buried beneath the coral and the sunlight.
We'll try light the way.

No Riddle nor rhyme can ever explain why
the conscious mind when it runs dry. The conscious mind has nothing to hide.
When left alone, their crawling around in me.
Go on and be gone. Drift undertow.

Sinking down and further from what I was once.
Reaching up and grabbing air and hoping no one
sees me scared to death from being grown up.
I am gone and looking down from every ceiling.

You can laugh all you want.
I'll find myself on top of the world
with a lightning bolt in the palm of my hand
ready to strike over and over again.
I'll bestow upon you the burden of
love and it's unkempt malevolent teeth
just smiling down at me.
It’s taunting me.

Why didn't I leave?

The problem with compromise is that one of is never right.
The vanity of human heads will kill the world's occupants
You are quivering when you speak.
I know you're scared so follow me. I'll lead us out of misery.
When the ground begins to crack, just know that I will have your back.
There are ashes now where people were. The greener grass is brown like dirt.
Apocalypse has reached its end, it's time to begin new again